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04 Aug 2014

Evolva strengthens in-silico capabilities with acquisition of Prosarix [more...]

01 Apr 2014

Prosarix partners with Key Organics to develop KeyFinder™ Libraries [more...]

01 Mar 2014

Prosarix contributes to Evolva's yeast synthetic biology platform - scientific paper published [more...]


Welcome to Prosarix

Experts in small molecule discovery

Prosarix is a privately-owned biotechnology company based in Cambridge, UK. We develop computational approaches and products to assist in many aspects of drug discovery. Our primary customer focus is within the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors.

Technology and capabilities

Prosarix has developed ProtoDiscovery™, a validated, state-of-the-art computational platform with which it is pioneering novel approaches for the identification and optimisation of small molecules. Our technology is differentiated in that it:

  • powers single target discovery paradigms; AND
  • provides multi-target and 'profiling' capabilities.

This translates to a unique ability to discover new target possibilities for existing compounds or favoured chemistries. As well as applying this to more conventional small molecule compounds we are also investigating the application of these techniques to natural product-like structures and compounds originating from biosynthetic routes.

Business activities

There are currently three aspects to Prosarix's business:

Services: ProtoDiscovery™ provides a suite of efficient and accurate tools for a wide range of tasks from initial hit identification, compound expansion through to lead optimization. Through the use this technology platform Prosarix conducts serviced-based discovery projects for third parties.

Prosarix has worked with over 20 companies on a wide range of targets, and has contributed to scientific papers, patents and compounds now in the clinic.

In-house discovery: Prosarix has used it technology to successfully identify novel hits for a number of internal early-stage discovery programs in various target areas. The most advanced program is a novel highly selective serotonergic modulator with in vivo efficacy in the preclinical phase for which a UK patent has already been granted. This was designed and optimised using our GPCR modelling approach.

Chiral products: Prosarix also uses its technology to design novel chiral reagent panels, EnzaCore™ SAR Explorer panels, which are manufactured using specialist biotransformation chemistry. Individual panels provide a common chemistry theme for rapid incorporation into synthetic schemes for scaffold enumeration. This provides medicinal chemists with access to unique products for use in discovery and lead optimisation projects and other applications.

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