EnzaCore™ Panels

Panel A1

5-membered rings, acid-amine (Boc protected)
16 x 200mg

Panel B1

5-membered rings, alcohol-amine (Boc protected)
16 x 200mg

Panel C1

5-membered rings, ester-amine (Boc protected)
16 x 200mg

Panel A2

6-membered rings, acid-amine (Boc protected)
12 x 200mg


EnzaCore™ - Enabling Discovery through Chirality

The Challenge

In lead optimisation exploration of chemical space around your scaffold is limited by the availability of suitable reagents which work with your chemistry. Thus sets of chemically related reagents which allow introduction of novel R groups can improve the chance of identifying the optimum compound.

Recent industry trends favour the inclusion of cyclic chiral reagents during SAR exploration since they:

  • Provide a more thorough search of steric and electronic properties of your molecule
  • Provide novelty in design
  • Provide isosteres for many elements found in natural structures

However chiral reagents are traditionally expensive, are of limited availability (even with pairs of enantiomers) and are difficult to scale-up.

The Solution

EnzaCore™ SAR Explorer Panels are a new set of products enabling the rapid incorporation of a variety of chiral cyclic building blocks provided in ready to use format. Each set has been designed by state of the art computational chemistry to provide:

  • Maximum isosteric opportunities across known drug-like structures
  • Maximum diversity in 3D steric and electronic properties

The panels thus provide convenient exploration of SAR with groups of novel reagents as a cost effective solution.

EnzaCores™ are produced by biocatalytic processes providing exquisite enantiomeric excesses in production. This route of manufacture ensures rapid scale-up possibilities.

There are currently 4 EnzaCore™ SAR Explorer Panels produced using this technology now available, each featuring:

  • 16 or 12 x 200mg of related chiral cyclic building blocks
  • Boc-protection for ready incorporation into synthetic schemes

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