Prosarix's ProtoDiscovery™ technology was initially developed at Proteom, a company co-founded by Jon Heal in September 1999. Bill Hamilton joined the Proteom team in early 2000. In 2003, Proteom started offering computational screening and design of small molecules as a service business to enable rapid identification of novel molecules for client companies. In 2005 Proteom started a number of in-house programs focused on GPCRs to identify and develop novel lead series based on the ProtoDiscovery™ platform.

In January 2006, Proteom merged with Amura and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Amura Holdings Ltd. The service based business and GPCR programs were continued together with programs involving Amura's proprietary chemistry platform and cathepsin programs.

The Amura group was restructured in late 2006, in order to concentrate on the development of Amura's orally active cathepsin inhibitor programs. This culminated in the effective spinout of the ex-Proteom computational operation into a newly formed company set up by Bill Hamilton and Jon Heal, Prosarix Ltd, and was completed in February 2007.

In 2014 Prosarix Ltd was acquired by the Swiss company Evolva SA, in which Prosarix provided computational services to a multitude of in-house projects as well a continuing a number of projects with third parties. Prosarix formerly changed it’s name to Evolva Bio UK Ltd but continued to trade as Prosarix for third party projects. The Prosarix team spun out of Evolva in Aug 2018, forming Prosarix UK Ltd, and in Feb 2019 Prosarix UK was acquired by RxCelerate Ltd in Cambridge.


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