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Prosarix contributes to Evolva's yeast synthetic biology platform - scientific paper published

Cambridge, UK, March 1st 2014 — Evolva SA, (CH), uses biosynthetic and evolutionary technologies to create and optimise small molecule compounds and their production routes. Evolva is active in consumer healthcare and nutrition as well as in pharma.

Prosarix has been working with Evolva on its yeast synthetic biology platform and has recently co-authored a paper in the ACS Journal of Synthetic Biology which documents the “chemical space” that is created by Evolva’s platform - diverse low molecular weight compounds with a high degree of novelty compared to both synthetic and natural product scaffolds. - See more at the Evolva website and the paper here

Yeast Synthetic Biology Platform Generates Novel Chemical Structures as Scaffolds for Drug Discovery
Klein, J1, Heal, JR2, Hamilton, WDO2, Boussemghoune, T1, Østergaard Tange, T1, Delegrange, F1, Jaeschke, G3, Hatsch, A1, Heim, J1

1 Evolva SA, Duggingerstrasse 23, CH-4153 Reinach, Switzerland.
2 Prosarix Ltd, Newton Hall, Cambridge, CB22 7ZE, United Kingdom.
3 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Pharmaceutical Division, CH-4070 Basel, Switzerland.

ACS Synthetic Biology (2014) DOI: 10.1021/sb400177x

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